Antique Jewelry & Art Conference

Jewelry Camp @ the Newark Museum
July 26th - 27th, 2019

From professional colleagues to entrepreneurs, industry veterans, art historians and jewelry enthusiasts – all of our attendees are looking to learn and stay on top of the industry.

List of Speakers

Christopher Walling


“Mystique of the Pearl” and the Nature special “Diamonds.” Mr. Walling’s stunning designs have significantly influenced modern jewelry, especially in the first major use since the Renaissance of unusually shaped and rare baroque pearls, aside from Arthur King – as well as in his palette of solid colors. His creations have adorned such notables in society and the arts as the Maya Angelou, the Lily Auchincloss, Linda Gray, Brook Hayward, Jasper Johns, Alex Katz, Queen Noor of Jordan, the late and great Parisian hostess Sao Schlumberger, Danielle Steele, Renee Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor and Kathleen Turner. Mr. Walling uses every variety of gem in his work – often in shades with which we have not associated them, previously – if not also of gems themselves which have not even been mined before.

Descended from a notable line of activists, public servants and philanthropists, Christopher Walling is, in addition to his jewelry designing talents, “an erudite and thoroughly charming raconteur who leaves audiences enthralled.” Christopher has exhibited in museums from across America (in Honolulu alone more than a dozen times!) and private art-foundations in Istanbul (twice). His work is included in more than fifteen books about jewels and he has had a spectacular Abalone pearl named after him which was exhibited at the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. in the same gallery as the Hope Diamond. The American Museum Natural History (New York City) included numerous pieces by him in three of their exhibits (“Pearls!” “Diamonds!” and “Gold!”) which traveled around the world for up to six years. he has also lectured at Sotheby’s – among other venues. He did not go to art school but studied political science AND started making jewelry when he was eight years old.

Christopher Walling